Hood Fire Suppression System Inspections in Oklahoma City, OK

In commercial kitchens, fire is a common part of the job. As a common hazard, proper fire safety standards are critical. One key component of keeping your commercial kitchen code compliant is regular hood suppression systems inspections. When working, your kitchen hood fire suppression system is designed to put out kitchen fires and shut off the power to prevent further issues. At Oklahoma Fire & Safety Co., we help commercial businesses stay safe by inspecting such important parts of their fire safety systems. If you need your kitchen hood fire suppression system inspected by a professional in Oklahoma City, OK, Tuttle, or another nearby community, we can provide the service you need.

Hood Fire Suppression System Inspections in Oklahoma City, OK

Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System Inspections: An Overview

When we check your kitchen hood fire suppression system, there are several different parts of it we will inspect to make sure it is in good working condition. We will clean your kitchen hood and look for any damage or repair needs. Some areas we check can include the following.

  • That the extinguishing agent nozzles are working as intended and have no build-up
  • Nozzle caps are replaced as needed
  • That no lines have any blockages, and if any are discovered, they are cleaned out
  • The manual alarm is working as expected
  • Gauges are displaying proper readings and measurements, such as PSI
  • All shut-off valves are confirmed working
  • That any fans are working as expected
  • All components are compatible
  • That there are no holes or other damage
  • That the system activates when tested
  • Gas and electrical connections are properly cut off when the system is activated during testing

Note that these are just some areas that may be inspected. The inspection needs depend on your unique circumstances and the equipment used.

When You Need a Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System Inspection

Keeping your system up to code prevents legal issues and fines and keeps you safe. When you hire Oklahoma Fire & Safety Co., you can rest easy knowing your business is in good hands. As a fully licensed and certified business, we have the skills and experience you need to keep your kitchen safe.

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